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whatever you are, be a good one.

i sat there, on the floor of my mother's bathroom, admiring my mother comb her lashes with her lancome mascara. it was riveting watching her transform herself within a couple of minutes, her eyes would look so beautiful. it intrigued me, and soon enough, she left the room. i raced over to her makeup cabinet and made my first attempt at putting on makeup. i ended up with black dots scattered on my eyelid, misplaced eyeshadow, and sloppily placed lipstick. i scrubbed it off with water as soon as i realized my mother would be coming back upstairs soon, but after that day, i would constantly sneak in to my mothers make up drawer and teach myself how to apply and use the different mysterious and extravagant products she hid. This was 9 years ago. I am now 15 and love makeup. I spend my spare time either watching beauty gurus on youtube or figuring out new looks at my vanity in my room. Other interests of mine are also fashion as well as technology. Some friends call me a beauty obsessed freak, and some a tech geek, but i am okay with it because i am both! Im starting this blog simply to share my obsession with everything! And although im sure i will get some not so nice comments at school, i dont care :]

thats something i love about myself, i dont care what people think. i used to, but i had an epiphany recently. what does it matter if other people think im weird, if i am weird. be yourself! be a tech geek if you are one. be CRAZY if you feel like it. be you! as cheesy as this is, its so true: follow your heart! and whatever you are, be a good one.


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