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the look: feather hair extensions

at first glance, seeing the words feather and hair in the same phrase may take you aback a little bit, thinking that by the end of this post, i will have convinced you in to putting some crazy weird looking feathers in your hair. well, although the extensions are feathers, they look extremely boho chic.

feather hair extensions have been popping up all over, becoming a trend. these fun colorful extensions add spunk to any outfit. its a different and fun look, thats easy to pull off. the best part? its not permanent, and you can style it. yes, you read correctly, you can style these babies. curl them, blow dry them, flat iron them; treat them just as if they were your natural hair. more pictures below, and information to follow.


how to get these? although you can buy them and put them in your hair yourself >>>instructions here<<<< you can find the nearest salon that does it at conditionculture.com >>>here<<<

couture 2011 du printemps de christian dior: favoris




couture 2011 du printemps de givenchy: favoris