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coachella twenty eleven: best dressed

as many of you know, this past weekend was graced with the presence of coachella. for those of you who dont know, its a three-day music festival with artists ranging from extremely popular like kanye west, to those whom youve never heard of, to give you an idea of how popular it is, three-day passes, which are hundreds of dollars, sold out in an hour.
not only is coachella a music epicenter for the three-day weekend, but a fashion one as well. its a no fear zone for dressing in things you normally wouldnt and wearing things that are out of your comfort zone.
here are my picks for best dressed at coachella 2011:


Gallery Opening

Last night I attended a gallery opening for a new jewelry line. this was what i wore:
(**note: sorry for the crappy quality, i dont have my dslr with me, i am out of town**)


dress: H&M (the ruffle looking texture is actually small mod-like flowers made of chiffon)
blazer: H&M (the elbow pads add an unexpected touch to the outfit)
shoes: Via Spiga
necklace: [i made it]

makeup and hair:

so i apologize that you cant quite see my hair, but:
1. straighten hair (if you have straight hair, awesome you can skip this step)
2. on the right side, section the hair above the ear
3. french braid that section of hair 
4. when your done braiding, hold it back with a clip to prevent it from falling meanwhile
5. on the life side, grab a small amount of hair from the front and braid it normally
6. un-clip the hair on the right and tie both sections into a ponytail 
7. [optional] get a big ribbon or a clip and tie it on to the ponytail for an added touch
lid: gradient of push-up by too faced, darkest next the the lashline and lighter as it progresses toward the crease 
inner corner highlight: honey pot by too faced
crease and bottom lashline: auburn by trish mcevoy
browbone highlight: shroom by mac
[winged] eyeliner: bobbi brown gel liner in caviar ink (brush used: square, flat, eyeliner brush with synthetic bristles)
blush: NARS orgasm
bronzer/ contouring: NARS laguna
Revlon's 'really red ' from their 'Stay Matte' collection (**exact dupe of MAC's russian red) 


honey pot 
push up


really red