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venturing in h&m

i went to h&m yesterday with a friend and found loads of great things... watch the mini slideshow below for finds individually along with one outfit i quickly put together.

sorry dont have much time to write! xx

elizabeth taylor

An inspiration, a beauty. elizabeth taylor passed away at age 79 on March 23, 2011, to many peoples dismay.

In honor of her not death, but incredible lifetime, i have decided to create a post displaying her most memorable outfits.


to an amazing woman, liz taylor, rip.  


tsunami warning?

going to do a photoshoot on venice beach tomorrow, heavily disregarding the tsunami warning.. rebellious?

regardless, once developed i will be posting the photos onto http://flickr.com/tafox95/
it is where i post most of my photography, however ive been shooting on film lately, therefore it takes a lot longer to get it printed, and scanned.

until i post the new shots, enjoy the ones that are already up!

in other news: sorry i havent been posting too much lately, i havent had much time but i swear i will fix that as soon as i get some spare time!


The Perfect Maxi

Dear Urban Outfitters,
The Style Fox

Urban Outfitters has done it again with this beautiful and unique maxi dress that is flattering on anyones shape. The slip under is short, so the dress still displays your figure, and the sheer printed part of the dress drapes beautifully. I can see this being paired with some thick chunky necklaces and bangles worn to a lunch, sunday brunch, coachella, you name it.
if you had 'the perfect warm weather, flattering maxi' on your list of things to find for this spring, well thats one more thing to cross off your list.

Can be purchased in store at Urban Outfitters or online >>>>here<<<<