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♡undercover bitch♡

just an outfit of the day i guess, i work at brandy melville in studio city now (we just opened so you should come visit!) and we're allowed to wear their clothes while we are on the clock....which is fucking awesome. it's almost like having the entire store as a second closet and i get to pluck whatever pieces peak my interest as i watch passerby customers glare at me with jealousy. it's really quite empowering in a "im secretly an evil bitch" kind of way (except for im totally not a bitch at all, just sayin.)

anyway, i know i haven't posted on this blog for a hell of a long time, but i'm back :) and i hope my lovely followers are still alive. 
also an update on my social networking (in case anyone cares) is as follows:
twitter: @bliss_kitten
tumblr: bruised-bliss.tumblr.com
myspace: if you still use myspace i frown upon your life decisions
misfits shirt and floral collared dress from brandy melville
slouchy sweater from free people
beanie from urban outfitters (mens section)
shoes are creepers from underground
glasses are rayban

sweet darkness



The unexpected shoe that is become a staple amongst style stalkers and tumblr addicts alike is the creeper. This shoe is so versatile from the varying colours and platform heights to the infinite ways to style them. The shoes can range from being the loud, vivid centrepiece of your look to being an understated addition to a effortless grunge-styled outfit. With the help of lookbook.nu, tumblr, and the like, the creeper has become a new obsession; a personal and worldwide one. With sizes selling out everywhere, get your creepers at Underground Shoes before they're completely gone!


buttoned up

similar styles above

get the exact look
pullover - h&m
collared striped button up - forever 21
pearls - windsor
earrings - nordstrom