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music to my ears

flipsyandrufus.tumblr.com aka my newest blog. in collaboration with friend, scott thompson, we've created a music blog filled with amazing unknown bands and producers. we post music anywhere from alternative to dubstep to indie, so there's something in there for everyone. if you like music, you'll love flipsy and rufus. (snapshot below)

drop dead

drop dead clothing; with headquarters in london, this store brings the spark of london style internationally and to wherever you happen to live. with unexpected, original prints on blouses, t-shirts, outerwear, and other clothing, your outfit will stand out of the crowd. a perfect mixture of pieces that are both loud and chic make the perfect base for an easy to put together statement outfit. i picked out some of my favorite pieces shown below.

all pieces can be found at: http://store.iheartdropdead.com/


a winter day spent in san diego

boho braided headband

North Hollywood, LA, California

a quick easygoing bohemian hair do. simply pick two small sections of hair from the front of each side, braid them, and pin or tie them together at the back.