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my picks: free people january catalog

here are my personal favorite pieces from the january free people catalog, ive decided im going to do these for catalogs i get in the mail, and show you guys the things that i would buy, my personal favorites and findings, and more thoughts! enjoy the first of more to come! 

Cascade of Ruffles Slip - $118
Sunburst Maxi Dress - $108

Ruffled Eyelet One Shoulder - $98

Big Bow Ruffle Short - $68

Shaku Peasant Dress - $249
Millau Wrap Bracelet - $258

1 comment:

  1. this is a great post!
    in particular, i love the ruffled eyelet one shoulder top, its amazing!
    thank you for your comment it was really nice to get some great feedback. i will definitely take it into account next time i am sketching.
    jess x