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[what's in my carry-on]

Somewhere in between overdoing it and underdoing it, I found a balance. More often than not, my carry on bags used to be massive and heavy to boot. The cause? All the 'what if I end up needing it?!' thoughts racing through my mind prone to doing something as crazy as falling into my own trap. I have finally narrowed it down to a fairly concise list of things that can fit in my handy crossbody bucket bag.
~phone [of course]
~any valuable electronics [for example a DSLR, or if you have a laptop although you may need a larger bag you don't want to risk this getting lost in your luggage]
~chapstick [the change of air pressure in the airplane cabin makes lips dry! You don't want to have to deal with dry flaky lips that you cannot salvage at the moment]
~mini makeup [for quick touchups, brung out those samples that you've stocked up from Sephora and pop them into your purse for a convenient and speedy way to pamper yourself before you get on the flight or pre-luggage claim madness. Things like mini mascaras, small eyeliners, hand lotion samples, or a small tinted moisturizer are ideal things to bring]
~headphones [to listen to the music on your iPod, iPhone, or other mp3 player]
~iPod [note: ONLY if you don't have a phone that can carry music]
~small or lightweight book or magazine [if you like reading, bring a small and easy to carry book]

don't bring this
~chargers [pack them. just don't bother lugging the chargers for your phone, camera, etc. disregard the thought of 'what if my ___ runs out of battery?' thoughts, because if you don't over use your ____, you shouldn't need to charge it at the airport.
~large size makeup or lotions [just dont bother and stick to the mini sample sizes]

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