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what happens in vegas stays in vegas.

the thought about having to go through airport security tomorrow, and having to board a flight makes me a little bit frustrated, however, i will be boarding a flight to the one and only las vegas, nevada. the only city where walking around at 3am is nothing out of the normal. oh how i love las vegas. i will be staying there from tomorrow until the 2nd, and that means new years. new years has always been the cause of countless resolutions and goals in my journal, of which only 1/10 end up being completed. a fraction of mine this year consist of being more organized [which realistically, chances are it wont happen], wearing more thought out outfits [rather than picking out the first thing in my sight when im lazy], and the widely popular; eat more healthy and nutritious food. while most of my resolutions will not be completed, i am keen on completing one specific one, and that is dressing better. taking a couple extra minutes out of my day and thoroughly thinking outfits through shouldn't be too hard, right? lets hope not.

so maybe i will come back a changed woman from las vegas? probably not, but we'll find out on the 2nd.

regardless, i will report back with outfits of the day posts and hauls.


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