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come on let your colors burst

please ignore my cheesy katy perry title, as i couldnt come up with something more clever. regardless, it is officially new years eve tonight! i, as im sure many of you as well, am overly excited for this coming new years eve. if i was asked to describe new years in 3 words, they would have to be; sparkle, glam, fireworks.
vampy look with dark lipstick
sparkle ~ fireworks, all the lights on the vegas strip, and of course sparkly dresses and makeup! no better night to pull out your sequin and studded dresses with those killer pumps and top it off with gold and glittery makeup. this is your chance to go what some might call 'over the top'. go out of your comfort zone! try something different, even if its just adding a tiny bit of glitter eyeliner and heels that are a half inch taller than your typical. [be warned: sunglasses may be needed past the hours of 7 due to the amount of sparkle on nye]
hollywood glam look
glam ~ take that extra hour to get ready for that luxurious and crazy party! go for a more vampy look maybe, or a classic hollywood glam look. maybe go for a dark shade of lipstick for a vamped out look, all eyes will be on you..experiment! or if you want to go for a classic hollywood look, try a neutral eye, winged liner, and bright red lips. whatever you do with your makeup, the most important thing is to have fun with it! and to be cheesy, glam it up.
fireworks~ come awn, self explanatory.

i hope you have an amazing new years eve, and dont forget sparkle glam and fireworks!

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