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urban therapy

While accompanying my mother on her routine target run, strolling though the aisles, I detoured to the make up section, and my eyes glanced through the many variations of mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundations, and other things, and I noticed some brightly colored bottles under the Jemma Kidd makeup. The products were titled "twisted sista" by urban therapy. I'd never heard of the brand or the products. Intrigued, I picked up a bottle of 'curl activator, and read the bottle. Seeming to promise more lively curls and eliminate frizz, I decided i wanted to try it. I bought the curl activator as well as the 30 second curl spray.

The directions say both products can either be used on wet or dry hair, but I hopped I'm the shower and applied the curl activator creme around a half hour after I got out of shower while my hair was still damp. I saw no immediate effect as my hair was still wet. I applied the spray promptly after. My hair dried soft, and with rapunzel ringlet type curls, definitely enhancing my natural hair texture, which is extremely thick, dense, and frizzy.

I'm in love with this product and definitely recommend it for girls with medium to thick wavy or curly hair.

Products can be purchased at target or the urban therapy website


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