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And so the night brings a bright new day

The las vegas strip is lit up by countless amounts of lights and lit up signs promoting whatever show or restaurant the hotel is showcasing. The hour never seems too late to go out for a drink..or two. Of course I am underage and am not able to head out to the hotel's signature bar or club. However the restaurants here are nothing short of spectacular. Last night I went to "Julian Serrano" a casual Spanish 'tapas' type restaurant. The food was exquisite. Different variations of seafood, steaks, cold meats, cheeses, and much more made up our meal.

The experience was wonderful; tasting the many diverse and different dishes. Being able to indulge in so many flavors in one sitting without feeling guilty because of the small 'tapas' style dishes was unreal.

The restaurant is in the Aria hotel in city center, and I would most definitely recommend this to a friend.

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