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those who care dont matter and those who matter dont care.

ah yes, these words of wisdom. so true in every way imaginable. today, i went shopping with my best friend since age 2, danielle. we visited the "50% off sale" sale at urban outfitters, as well as h&m, and mac. danielle gozlan, this girl is amazing. growing up together, weve learned to love each other for everything including the faults in ourselves. we all have them, even if you dont think you have any faults, that is a fault in itself, so hah, mindfucked? possibly. anyway, she is the person i can be completely insane with, and you have no clue how insane i mean by insane, were talking 'the weirdest people youve ever met' status, and regardless, we love each other. thats the kind of person you should seek in life, someone who doesnt care what is wrong with you, but instead of rejecting you because of it, loves you for it.

anyway, back to the point. we went to the mall today, and earlier in the day i had spotted this on refinery 29:
i immediately set my goal to find a dupe of this simple, clean cut yet chic look. i achieved my goal with a little bit of a more girly flair with the following blouse from h&m:
i really loved the lace detail on the shoulder, it adds a touch of femininity to a blouse that is a bit more on the structured side. i think this top paired with my high rise levi shorts, black tights (for the winter), and some oxford shoes, and its a pretty good replica of the inspiration.

next, while browsing through the what seemed to be endless mountains of clothing in the sale section at urban outfitters, i came across this skirt, its pretty plain, but i thought it was kind of cute, and the amazing price of 9.99 might of added to my perception of the skirt..
the quality isnt great because the flash faded out the colors a bit.. but, hopefully this gives you a fairly good idea of what the skirt looks like.

as we always do, me and danielle decided to go to the MAC store.. may have been a bad idea, as i ended up indulging in buying a pigment box from their holiday collection, "a tartan tale".

 the box they came in was so adorable, as the packaging usually is for their holiday collections, but i really liked it this year!

i had to get the pigments, because pigments generally take far too long to finish because theyre normal size is so big. the mini sizes were perfect, not too much, not too little. also, the box came with a MAC Glitter, generally only sold in MAC Pro shops, not available to the general public. Both these reasons put together made me have to have one of these boxes. and for 35$, why not? the colors are great, and the price is great, as pigments are generally fairly expensive on their own.

so, that is my haul for the day. i hope you enjoy! x

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