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Monday Mornings Come Too Soon

Dearest Bloggers,
My weekend has been overly cluttered with things to do, busy busy bee. My Friday night consisted of a nice long nap, followed by dinner with some family friends. Saturday didn't start too well with having to take the PLAN exam, but following afternoon shenanigans, I went to a sweet 16 at this awesome venue in culver city called Royal/T. it's this modern Japanese art gallery/ cafe that's full of some pretty intensely awesome stuff >>>yelp it here<<< Sunday morning then consisted of a late wake up (love sleeping in) and then heading off to a superbowl party for the day. as soon as I got home around 7:30 I had to do homework.
and that is the reason why I haven't posted all weekend.
now that its Monday morning, I guess I should share something relating to that, what about my monday morning routine?
6:05 wake up (obviously)
6:07 get out of bed
6:10 brush my teeth
6:13 wash my face with clean and clear morning burst
6:16 rub clinique moisturizer onto by skin
6:17 pick out clothes and put them on
6:25 makeup time!
6:35 get school stuff together and into my bag
6:37 scramble for morning coffee and breakfast
6:45 out the door!

that is my not too exciting morning schedule.. I'll make up for it later with fashion related posts

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